Winter Weather Advisory

A winter weather advisory is in effect in Mason County beginning at 11am. A burst of snow is expected by early afternoon and while it will lighten up by the end of the day... snowfall is expected to continue the rest of the night throughout tomorrow morning. A total of five to nine inches is anticipated by Wednesday afternoon. Other affected areas include Oceana, Lake, Osceola and Newaygo counties. A weather advisory is also in effect for Manistee County until tomorrow afternoon. Three to six inches of snow is estimated by tomorrow morning with the heaviest snowfall between 3pm and 1am. The Michigan Department of Transportation reminds motorists to adjust speeds based on conditions.


Preschool Funding Largest in MI

Michigan receives the largest preschool funding in 2013. The Education Commission of the States released the figures yesterday... showing that the $65 million put towards expanding preschool access in Michigan was the largest spending increase across the U.S. Governor Snyder also expanded the Great Start Readiness Program by about 60% which added an additional 10,000 spaces for low-income preschool students. If approved by lawmakers, another $65 million expansion can be expected for 2014. Overall, the country spent $5.6 billion on preschool funding.

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