Ludington’s Winter On-Street Parking Ban Begins Today

The City of Ludington’s winter on-street parking ban begins today. Drivers will be prohibited from parking on the streets in city limits between 3 and 7 AM. That ban lasts until May 1st and allows there to be room for snow plowing.

Vehicles in violation of the ordinance will face a 30 dollar fine. When there is snow, local officers will be out enforcing the ban.Even if there isn’t snow, drivers should still obey the ordinance just in case snow falls overnight.


A Body Was Found on the Beach in Manistee Along With Hazardous Chemicals

The body of a 27 year-old Mancelona man was found on First Street Beach in Manistee on Sunday. Also along the beach with the body was hazardous chemicals, according to the Manistee Police Department.

Today it was released that the substance was sodium azide. When Sodium azide is mixed with water, it releases a toxic gas that can be lethal. Consuming the mixture can also be toxic and lethal as well.

Members of the Grand Traverse County hazardous materials team and industrial environmental services experts have assessed all sites and belongings that may have been exposed to the chemicals and have performed any necessary cleaning or disposal. There is no threat of harm to the public.

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