Chief Barnett presents Annual Report to City Council

The Ludington City Council met last night. The Jaycees Freedom Festival was approved. Brent Bosley was approved as assessor for the City of Ludington and the City renewed the Stearns Park Concession agreement with Stacy Sutton for 5 more years.


Chief Barnett presented the City Council with the Ludington Police Department annual report. Total activity decreased from 2015 to 2016 by 2,394. Traffic citations saw a slight increase, while complaints investigated, arrests and parking violations all decreased. There was also a decrease in person and property crimes. Chief Barnett noted a significant decrease in drunk driving arrests and cited, among other reasons, a shift in social norms as the reason for the decrease.  Chief Barnett also noted a vacancy in the department that has not been filled. He discussed the challenge of attracting officers to the Ludington area as new recruits are enticed by larger cities, such as Grand Rapids, as they work to replace their retiring police force.


Last nights meeting was the first discussion of ordinance changes in the 4th ward. The changes are the result of a review of the zoning ordinance to ensure the master plan is being followed. Michael Krauch, Council member for the 4th ward said, “I think it's just going to modernize the uses we can have, particularly in the Washington Street corridor down by Copeyon Park. We’ve got multiple commercial buildings that because of the way the permitted uses in that particular zoning district were laid out you had to get some really niche businesses that could go in there. [This will] allow those building owners and business owners to be more general in their application.”


The meeting concluded with the confirmation of Nick Krieger to the Mason County District Library Board and to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

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