Schuette provides 2016 Michigan Human Trafficking Commission Report


The 2016 Michigan Human Trafficking Commission Report was given to Michigan lawmakers yesterday. The report highlights the work completed and the ongoing work by the Commission, including the State-wide Human Trafficking Conference, Working with medical professionals to develop a training video for health care professionals to use to identify human trafficking victims, and reviewing state law and policies to make legislative recommendations. State Representative Bronna Kahle’s  House Bill 4219, legislation recommended by the Michigan Human Trafficking Commission, was also highlighted. If passed by the Senate and signed by the Governor, victims of human trafficking would have the ability to have a prostitution-related offense that they were forced to commit removed from their criminal record. “Victims of human trafficking deserve a fresh start after the terrifying ordeal they have gone through,” said Michigan Attorney Bill Schuette. “My hope is that this legislation becomes law and helps a victim set their record straight, and allows them to secure a job or continue their education.” Michigan ranks No. 2 in the country for human trafficking. 

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