Mason County Sports Hall of Fame take the jump


Over 200 arrived on the beach Saturday morning, with 137 agreeing to take the plunge, others to simply watch jumper go into Lake Michigan in an effort to raise funds for the Mason County Sports Hall of Fame.

Lake Jump 21

Over $400,000 has been raised for local charities since the lake jump began in 2000. The lake Jump has become a 501c3 organization with no administrative costs.

Lake Jump 43

 Thank you to all of our listener’s wonderful contributions that continue to prove the generosity and community that lives in Mason County.

 “The lake jump was absolutely awesome." Said Vic Burwell, President of the Mason County Sports Hall of FameLake Jump 3

"It was almost like watching every team that ever won something, it was just fun to see the enthusiasm for the event, our state representative there, see the mayor here, see Miss Ludington and Miss Great Lakes and everybody. It was just awesome.”  

Lake Jump 45

Donations can still be received at the Mason County Sports Hall of Fame, by contacting Vic Burwell at (231) 690-5053 or at

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