Ludington City Council honors team and discusses parking

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The council room was packed with people as the Ludington City Council meeting opened with honoring the hard work of the 2017 Class B State Runner-up Ludington Boys basketball team.

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Several people took the opportunity to speak during public comment in regards to the possible parking fees for Sterns park. The intent of the Sterns family was cited as a concern, with the desire for Stearns park to be a free and open space for all.  The council went onto discuss other business items,  approving the downtown overnight parking sticker program, allowing residents to park overnight in 8 hour parking spots with a designated resident sticker. Parking remained a topic of conversation with the reclassification to 2-hour parking on North Rath between Ludington and Court Street.  The city resolved to apply for a Great Lakes Energy People Fund Grant for a driving simulator for use throughout the county. The simulator could be used not only for new drivers but also possibly with seniors. Brent Bosley presented the 2016 assessor's report.  He noted concern regarding a change in tax law that allows taxpayer to claim a deduction that resulted in a decrease in city income. Although the state will reimburse communities for the first year, Mr. Bosley noted that the first year would pass quickly and urged the council to think ahead if these reimbursements are not provided. Mr. Bosley also noted the increase in home costs in the ludington area and cited concern at the current housing market and the possibility of another housing bubble. The city concluded the meeting with an agreement to apply for a grant to replace the voting machine.

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