The sculpture trail continues

Fountain was in full force on Saturday with attendance high at the Heritage Park Sculpture Trail dedication.

Fountain 33

The first sculpture was installed in 2001 at Waterfront Park. Those first sculptures are widely viewed as the trailhead for the Mason County Sculpture Trail which has grown to Rotary Park, the Library and now into Fountain. A New Era artist, Rubin Llano, made the “Out of the Woods” sculpture using modelling stone to create the impressive work horses and log.

Fountain 36

During the invocation, Bill Anderson spoke about the public response to the statue, “I am so impressed with the deep attachment that the local people in Fountain have felt for this project and what they have contributed.”   

Fountain 59

John Bracey, Executive Director for the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs was in attendance. “My agency exist to provide access to all arts and cultural programming. That means science centers, zoos, libraries and museums, symphonies, community bands, children's museums, the whole gamut."

Fountain 49

"We provide access to the programs that they provide because that's what's important because it's about connections. It's about learning what it is to express yourself, for your children to express themselves, and for them to have something to do. Where we are standing, you're going to see kids here." Said John Bracey "They're gonna learn about their heritage here and they're going to understand that this is where their families came from  and this is what's so important to us.”

Fountain 30

There are plans to expand the trail into the digital age by including QR codes viewers can scan in order to hear informational soundbites regarding the sculpture and how the area's history is connected.

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