Ludington City Council 5.8.17

The Council approved the AAUW to place signs throughout the city beginning on June 18th regarding a book sale to take place at the Lakeview School June 22nd through the 24th. A proclamation was adopted in Support of the 2017 Childhood Cancer campaign lemonade stand to take place throughout ludington on June 3rd.

Tom Rotta offered Council members tap water from ludington pipes, citing concern for possible lead contamination due to old water connections. With a comment of, “I am not afraid of Tom.” Mayor Kaye Furguson-Holman drank the yellow dyed water. Buissness proceeded as usual as the council approved the retirement of Julie Ledger. They congratulated her on her work and years of dedicated service.

Councillor Kathy Wincheski reminded the public that bulky item pick up will occur the first week of every month beginning January 2018, that participants in the city's recycling program will be eligible to win gift cards to local establishments and  thanked the three anonymous donors who funded the green “Gator bags” used to water trees.  The meeting concluded with the mayor calling to set a public meeting to receive feedback on the direction of the council.

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