Coast Guard celebrates National Safe Boating week.

The US Coast guard is asking boaters to to know weather and water conditions as they travel into lakes and rivers this summer. Petty Officer Chris Romero said, “Make sure that you have  all your proper gear on board. Make sure you have your lifejackets for everybody. With those lifejackets make sure they're the right size for the people if you have kids on board and make sure they have make sure they have kids life jackets and vice versa and adults have adult lifejackets.”

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You are also required to keep a sound making device, such as a whistle in order to alert other boaters in case you become distressed. The Coast guard aux and paddleboard shop in scottville is hosting an event at the Loomis St boat ramp today from 5:00pm-7:00pm. Paddle board information will be provided as well as vessel examinations. “Vessel examinations are for anybody willing to come out and get their paddleboard stuff or  their life jacket checked or if someone comes by with a boat and trailer and they want to get it checked out by the US Coast Guard they can still do that to make sure everybody is safe and in compliance with  all the federal laws.”  Inspected vessels will receive a sticker to place on your boat to identify it has been inspected. In case of emergency while on the water, you can reach the US Coast Guard on channel 16.

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