WSCC staff call for dismissal

WSCC President Dr. Kenneth Urban was noticeably absent from Thursday's trustee meeting to certify the 2017 Tax Levy. Board Chairman Bruce Smith commented that he had never seen such a crowd interested in a Tax levy, welcoming those who were present to make a public comment to fill out a form and submit any written copies of their comments to the board so that they could present them to Dr. Urban. During public comment  President of the Faculty Association, Professor Matthew Sanderson addressed the board first, speaking on behalf of all West Shore Community College employees and called for the immediate dismissal of President Urban.

Dr. Urban is a good person, he's not a bad guy, he hasn't done anything immoral that we're aware of.” Said Sanderson, “Many people have regarded his self-evaluation as a slap in the face to the board. From the beginning it's says that the board doesn't understand the role of the president. There's  a perception that throughout the self-evaluation he takes all the credit and blames everyone else for problems with his presidency. Following the boards weak appraisal and the president self-evaluation we felt it was time to speak.” In a straw poll conducted by Professor Sanderson, 24 of 26 support staff and Administrators voted in favor of an immediate dismissal.


Irma Hinojosa, President of the Educational Support Staff group, also spoke, re-affirming Professor Sanderson's comments and expressing her concern at Dr. Urbans ability to communicate effectively, lead by example and make positive decisions that impact the college. Dr. Brooke Portmann, Dean of Arts & Sciences provided the final public comment, once again reaffirming statements already said as well as commenting on the low moral of current professors.

Matthew Sanderson Abbreviated Statement

Matthew Sanderson Full Statement

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