Kids fly free in Mason County on Saturday

The Mason County Pilots association EAA Chapter 772 is offering free airplane rides to kids this weekend. Local experience pilots from Mason and Oceana County will take children ages 8-17 for a free airplane ride from the Mason County Airport.


Bob Taylor, President for the Mason County Pilots association shared what it’s like to take the kids up in the air, “I'll ask them when we are walking out to the plane who wants to fly the plane, and the parents laugh but I'm right there. We have dual controls in my airplane. If the child wants to take the plane I'll let them fly it. Of course, I'll sit there and make sure they're flying straight and level. Some of the kids do really well on their own. I don't have to do anything, I just sit back and relax. And then there's other ones that just kind of touch the controls and they say ‘OK I'm done I don't want to do it anymore’ and then there's the kids that want to fly the entire route.” The goal is to introduce young people to flight and foster a love of aviation.  Flights will begin at 9am and continue until 2pm, reservations for flights will end at 1pm.

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