City Council approved mileage and 6th ward councilor

Last night the Ludington city council voted unanimously to appoint Dave Bourgette to the position of 6th ward councilor. Council members praised both candidates. Councilor Les Johnson was also confirmed as Mayor Pro-tem. They also honored Gary Castonia for the work he has done as 6th ward councilor.

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Taxes were a large portion of yesterday's city council meeting. The city intends to use bonds to help pay for the new Fire Station. There will be a slight increase in taxes that will go towards the Downtown Development Board. The Police Pension Fund rate will stay the same as last year, general operating millage and Refuse Fund will see a slight drop. The independent auditor gave a positive evaluation, praising the “excellent cooperation with city staff” and work well done for the city.

During last night's public comment, concern was expressed regarding the impact of the lane reduction on traffic and safety. Sargent Sands was mentioned as a concern, questioning the impact of the trucks on additional traffic with fewer lanes. The city responded to these concerns by confirming that no decision had been made regarding lanes. At this time, the city is seeking volunteers to assist in counting traffic at intersections in order to provide data to MDOT whether this is the best options for these road. At this time, if lane changes are approved, the trial period would occur in spring of 2018.

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