Lakeshore Resources announce opening dates

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The Lakeshore Resource Network offices will open September 5th while the Lakeshore Food Club will open its doors for food access on October 2nd. Households earning 200% of the federal poverty level or below who are interested in becoming Lakeshore Food Club members may fill out membership applications starting September 5th at the Lakeshore Food Club. Applicants must supply a photo ID and proof of connection to Mason County, such as a utility bill, business mail dated within 30 days, proof of employment, or student enrollment. The $10 cash membership fee is due their first day of shopping on or after October 2nd.The Lakeshore Resource Network and Lakeshore Food Club located at 920 E. Tinkham Ave. in Ludington 

The Lakeshore Resource Network is facilitating a network of collaboration between agencies in one central location. Tenants include

American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity of Mason County, Lakeshore Food Club, MIWorks! West Central, Pennies from Heaven Foundation, Staircase Youth Services, TrueNorth Community Services, and United Way of Mason County.  This hub of wraparound services and resources will include connecting consumers to needed services, employment training, housing assistance, financial literacy, nutrition and cooking education, mentoring services, showers and laundry facilities for emergency relief, and a computer lab and kiosks for tasks such as completing job applications, resumes, & tax returns.This network of partners, agencies, and resources allows for the capacity to serve families and persons in a way that not only gives fish but also teaches how to fish.

The Lakeshore Resource Network will partner with the Lakeshore Food Club. The Food Club is a supermarket style pantry offering a wide range of food options. LFC requires a 30 day membership and a $10 fee to help cover operating costs. Members are given points based on household size. Points spend like cash allowing members to access the food club as often or as seldom as they choose during the membership period to shop with their designated points. Beginning October 2nd, Food Club will be open for food distribution Monday through Friday, 11am - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 12pm and will depend on volunteers to assist with daily operations.

The new Lakeshore Food Club website is located at

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