Alliance expands to Wexford and Benzie

The Alliance for Economic Success (AES) is expanding. At the request of Wexford business leaders and the Benzie County Board of Commissioners, the AES is now expanding its geographical service area. This change will help meet the needs of new partners by providing individuals to its pool of professionals who address the identified priorities of the areas AES serves. To support this initiative, the board will be conducting a search for an executive director who will work with governmental and private entities to create economic and community development within the region. As AES focuses on the future of the organization itself, its primary priority is to serve the economic and community development needs of Wexford, Benzie, and Manistee Counties. "Making great things happen doesn't just occur by one individual or organization, but rather in partnership”, said Tamara Buswinka of Latitude 44 Consulting LLC, a local community and economic development company. “We all play a role in implementing a successful project, and AES is a strong partner in their part of the process."

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