Lakeshore food club opens

The New Lakeshore food club opens for the first time today. Monica Schuyler, Executive Director for Pennies from Heaven says the program was a long time in the making, “When this idea started 3 years ago, we pulled all the pantries together and started talking about it and realized everyone was doing a little bit and everyone had high demand. We could do a lot more together than we could in our little pantries once a month.” Partnerships continue within the Lakeshore Resource Network with different service agencies and within the community ”We are trying to work with local farmers [and] local grocery stores to reduce waste and keep it local and fresh. We’re already partnering with Little Red Organics and the Farm Bureau association to see what we can do.”

Lakeshore Food Club

The club is open to residents of Mason County at 200% the poverty level or below. Memberships cost $10 per month with points provided based upon household size. “We are [hoping] with a membership you would get an excess of two weeks worth of food if you budget responsibly. [We are] always going to have fresh fruit and vegetable. We’re going to try to keep frozen and canned. We’re going have dairy, butter, oils and eggs, meat. Much more stocked and like a grocery store than other pantries.” More information about the Lakeshore Food Club and the Lakeshore Resource Network can be found online at

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