Vanderwall drives towards lower insurance premiums

 Rep. Curt Vanderwall yesterday, supported a plan to guarantee lower car insurance rates for insured drivers in Michigan. The plan continues benefits for those already receiving lifetime health care after a catastrophic traffic accident. The plan also gives drivers the option to continue buying unlimited personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, or buy more affordable alternative plans. The savings could be greatest for seniors, who would not need PIP coverage if they already have lifetime health insurance.
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“Why should seniors who already have proper health insurance be forced to buy duplicative coverage through auto insurance?” VanderWall said. Full coverage auto insurance in Michigan is 82 percent above the national average and twice as high as in neighboring states. The high cost contributes to more than 20 percent of Michigan motorists driving illegally, without car insurance.
“These reforms will provide an opportunity for people who can’t afford insurance at all right now to get the coverage they should have,” VanderWall said. House Bill 5013 advances to the House floor for consideration.
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