Ward promoted to President

Scott Ward has been voted in as the fifth President of West Shore Community College. The board voted unanimously to install Mr. Ward as president immediately. Ward served as acting/interim president from September 2014 to July 2015, following the retirement of former president Charles Dillon and again as interim president, since June 2017, following the resignation of Dr. Kenneth Urban.Trustees spoke highly of Mr. Ward during the discussion, Chairman Smith saying that Ward has not only has the credentials to lead but due to service as Interim President twice, had earned the position. Trustee Ennis highlighted the importance of understanding the community the college serves and pointed towards work  Mr. Ward has already done to raise money and with the Community.

scott ward

“It is a great honor and privilege to be asked to serve in this new role.” stated Ward. “In 2009, President Dillon asked me was whether I believed that the West Shore Community College vision of becoming one of America’s premier community colleges was attainable. After eight years of working with our students, faculty, staff, the board of trustees and our amazingly supportive community, I believe even more strongly the answer is ‘yes.’ I look forward to working collaboratively with all groups to advance the WSCC vision.” Contract details will be brought to the next trustee meeting for review.

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