Bulky Item pick up begins in January

Bulky Item pickup begins in January. The annual spring clean up is being replaced by a monthly bulky item pick up.

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Ludington residents are allowed to place bulky items at the Curbside on the first collection day of each month.

Republic Services will pick up:

2 bulky items or

2 non-freon appliances or

1 bulky item and 1 non-freon appliance or

1 bulky item and 3 additional 33-gallon bags of trash or

1 non-freon appliance and 3 additional 33 gallon bags of trash or

Up to 6 additional 33 gallon bags of trash- resulting in a total allowance of 9 bags of trash on the first pick up of every month.

Additional stickers can be purchased for $5 per bulky item. Owners of commercial properties can purchase up wot five stickers per week at a cost of $15 per sticker for removal of bulky items.

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