Ludington City Council votes on 2018 Budget

The Ludington City Council met last night to vote on the 2018 budget and capital improvement plan. Public Comment on the budget included some concern regarding deficit spending and “balancing the budget on the backs of employees”. City Manager John Shay clarified that the city is spending within their budget and has been successful of keeping the city's fund balance at the goal of 25%. Planning for 2018 continued with the first presentation on the salary for the Treasurer and Clerk for next year.

City Hall

The City revoked  the commercial facilities exemption certificate for property located on James St in order to allow KLS Properties to complete a different application with the State of Michigan in order to secure tax abatement. As a result, there will be another public hearing on December 18th to establish a commercial rehabilitation district.  Final public comment included a 4th Ward resident requesting holiday decorations for the corner of 2nd and Madisen, to which Councilor Mike Krauch agreed, confirming he would work to see what additional holiday decorations could be put in the ward. Counselor Kathy Winczewski, also responded to public comment regarding water safety. A lead gooseneck was provided as demonstration to show how plumbing has worked to carry clean water. Counselor Winczewski explained that it is the chalky white protective coating that keeps residents safe. Concerned residents can get a free water testing kit from the Health Department.

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