Pere Marquette Township hear cross offers

Two offers were presented to the Pere Marquette Township regarding the Pere Marquette memorial cross during last night's meeting. One group is seeking to revitalize the Pere Marquette Memorial Association in order to privately own and maintain the place of death for Jesuit missionary and early explorer Father Pere Marquette. The Community Foundation for Mason County would hold the funds raised by the Pere Marquette Memorial Association, which would be a non-profit corporation.


The other offer was presented by attorney Ed White of the American Center for Law and Justice (MCLJ), who said that they would defend the township, at no cost to the taxpayers, if it were to face a lawsuit over removal of the cross. The township board concluded to have an appraisal of the property to use in potential negotiations to sell the site to the local group. The township also requested that Ed White to send the township’s attorney a retainer agreement for the board to study.

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