Ludington City council reflects of 2017 and prepares for 2018

Mondays Ludington city council began with 2017 annual reports. Kurt Malzahn presented for the water plant, reporting that of 20 water samples collected, all 20 passed inspection. An invitation to the public was extended to join the sampling pool by calling the water plant. The new water plant is expected to be completed in June of this year
Christopher Cossette from the wastewater plant, presented, focusing on the location and size of the outfall pipe. He explained that in order to complete design of the new Wastewater Treatment Plant, the location and size of outfall pipe must first be determined. Construction is expected to begin in fall of this year and last 18 months.

Ludington City manager John Shay provided the 2017 budgetary amendments, disclosing revenues came in higher than expected, resulting in an increase of $200,000 for the city of Ludington.

2018 Downtown ludington board events were approved, but questions surrounded the 2019 New Years Eve fireworks. Wally Cain made a motion to postpone the vote, citing safety concerns with the fireworks being lit over the crowd. After a second by Kathy Winczewski and roll call vote, the postponement was shot down. Michael Krauch questioned police chief Mark Barnett and Fire Chief Jerry Funk regarding firework safety concerns. Both confirmed falling debris, but cited no safety concerns from shooting the class A fireworks. During the vote, the 2019 New Years Eve Fireworks were approved.

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