Sober Living coming to Mason County

Connexion Point will be announcing plans for opening the First Sober Living facility during tonight's open forum meeting. “We offer what’s called an IOP: intensive outpatient program. People can come back here, and hook up with us and maintain their sobriety." Said Dr. Michelle Kuster "But, what’s missing in many cases is, they struggle so long that they burn all their bridges so to speak. They have no transportation, maybe no housing and maybe no job. So what’s that transition look like? That is what we’re offering now; transitional living, also known as sober living.”
Tonights open forum will Discuss the role of a sober (recovery) living facility, how the facility may affect our community. Attendees will also hear Statements from those who have participated in a Sober Living. The Meeting will begin at 6:30pm at The Q Smokehouse

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