Ludington Committee Discusses Marijuana Dispensaries in City Limits

It still could be some time before the city of Ludington decides how it will handle recreational marijuana. At the Public Safety and Public utilities meeting yesterday afternoon, the committee discussed what proposal 1 means and doesn’t mean as far as how the city can react. The proposal allows municipalities the option of enacting ordinances to prohibit or limit establishments and also determine hours of operation and signage guidelines within their jurisdictions. It is not an all or nothing decision.

There were cases made both ways for allowing and not allowing any establishments in the city limits but for the most part, the committee is just collecting facts to keep discussions moving forward. Chief of Police Mark Barnett urged decision makers to not make a decision based on the income it could provide because there would be other costs involved in policing it as well as social costs. Mayor Elect Steve Miller cited the strong voting numbers in favor of proposal 1 and recommended to councilors in attendance to talk to their constituents and see what they want.

The committee spent a little over 30 minutes on the topic before they moved on to other items on the agenda.

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