LASD adopts policy and funds officer

The Ludington Area School District Board of Education met Monday.  Superintendent Jason Kennedy highlighted student efforts by introducing Jordan Morris who will earn his associate degree prior to High school diploma in a partnership with WSCC.


Amber Kowatch was honored as the region 12 Outstanding Practicing Principal of the year. Policy updates included policies the school is required to accept by law. This  included policy 24-10,  which would impose a fine on the district and teachers if they were to provide referrals to abortion resources. The district expressed concerned with the lack of definition regarding “referral” in the policy. Trustee Mike Nagle was troubled by financial penalty. “It’s unfortunate the state legislator feels need to impose penalties. It would be nice to allow school districts to impose their own instead of from the state.” The board voted to accept all of the policies, with 24-10 being implemented July 1, 2019. The board also approved the position of a full time school resource officer for assistance in truancy and other issues and proactivity in regards to student safety. At risk funds are being used to offset the cost of the officer position.

Trustees buy building


The West Shore Community College board of trustees, yesterday, approved the purchase of the former blood cancer center building located on US-31. President Scott Ward compiled a report regarding the building, outlining the benefits of being centrally located on US-31, freeing up space in the recreation center and providing space for training. Dr. Riemer, the building seller, also verbally agreed to a one million dollar donation to the West Shore Community College Foundation after the sell of the building to assist in the upkeep moving forward. During discussion of the purchase, Dr. Fabaz withdrew his former skepticism of the purchase, saying “The building is worth the price. We are getting a great deal.” Purchase of the building passed unanimously.

LASD Board of Education votes on new position

The Ludington Area School District Board of Education is meeting tonight at 6pm at the Pere Marquette Early Childhood Center.


There will be a special presentation on region 12 Outstanding Practicing Principal of the year for Amber Kowatch. The Superintendent's report will include recognition of Computer Science Education week and an update from the District Network Team. Discussion items will include updates on the Mason County Promise and the facilities improvement planning. The LASD board of Education intends to take action on CBD Transformation Think Tank Facilitation contract and the approval of a full-time school resource officer position.

WSCC Trustees meet for purchase of US-31 building

Chairman Bruce Smith has called a special meeting of the WSCC Board of Trustees Today,  December 11, at 5 p.m., in the Board Room of the Administrative and Conference Building.


The trustees will consider the motion to purchase the property located on U.S. 31 to be used for training for police and emergency personnel. The motion to purchase the building  was originally tabled during their meeting on November 20 due to the building being listed for nearly twice the appraisal amount.

Warning system test in Manistee

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Consumers Energy will be conducting a test of their emergency public warning sirens and speaker systems near its Tippy and Hodenpyl hydroelectric generating plants on the Manistee River on Wednesday, December 13 at approximately 10 a.m.

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