Amanda Bynes Apologizes to Drake

Amanda Bynes decided to take the high road today when she apologized to Drake on Twitter.

"I'm sorry about the tweets I said about @drake I didn't mean what I said. I hope to become friends with him instead of smashing him!"

Good for you Amanda! About time you did something normal ;)

J. Lo Gets Good News!

Jennifer Lopez was on HOT 95.5's The Kane Show, in DC, where she received good news during her interview. J.Lo got a very exciting phone call because she couldn't contain her excitment. She admitted that she landed the lead role in a movie that she really wanted to get. She told everyone 

"its a small movie but its a great role and a lot of people wanted it"

No word on what the movie is but a big congrats go out to J.Lo!

Teen Mom 3

The new Teen Mom 3 cast is revealed. The show finished filiming months ago and it's said that the four new girls are currently in New York filming the reunion special. The new season is expected to premiere in August and will take Teen Mom 2's slot of Monday's at 10pm.

Meet the girls and get their stories here: Teen Mom 3 Cast

Farrah Abraham Gets ANOTHER Boob Job!

Farrah Abraham told In Touch Weekly that she got another boob job because her other boobs "felt like water balloons." She went from a C to a D cup. She also said she is open to more surgery in the future. But the one thing she will never get are boobs that look like a porn star's... says the porn star herself. 

This is Farrah's 4th surgery in 3 years. Besides her boob jobs, she also got chin implants and a nose job.

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